Thursday, 12 November 2009

Certificate of Achievement - MERIT

This is what I think my Mum is working towards...

After the hoola hoop class my Mum decided that we needed secret training to surprise teacher Lynne in our next and final class. She managed to find a bicycle tyre which she used as our practice hoop. You can't fault her for trying - without my lead she managed to handle the tyre, treats and for the most part me. It didn't take long to work out that every time I jumped through the hoop I got a treat. To stop it getting too boring I started to work on my jump position doing more of a bascule than a flattish jump and getting my back legs neatly together. She in turn started making the jump bigger at the last minute and there is a limit to my cooperation.
Today Thursday we got the iron dragon again and then the mother of the iron dragon. It was pouring with rain and I got a bit confused because I'd tried not to wee for so long on the big dragon and then I didn't know where to do it. Anyway I did it just after we got off the iron dragon but no-one seemed to mind.
It was raining very very hard as we drove to class. Immediately I knew where we were and I scampered up the steps into the hall. Neither Reggie or Ruby was there but there was a very attractive young lady called Patty and we had a bit of a chat.
We were told to be on a different mat away from Bobby and Reggie. My Mum was desperate to do the hoola hoop but instead we were having a sort of test of all the things we had learned. She was not happy about that as we had done it the week before. Anyway there were only four of us and we all did our stuff - sit, down, leave, recall where I got to scamper up and down the hall. We were all marked but we didn't know what our marks were and my Mum being a very competitive person wanted to know what everyone got.
We all passed with merit and got certificates except Bobby who only got a pass.
Then it was over, no hoola hoop so that was a bit of an anti-climax.

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