Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Hoola hoops and fud

It was dark as my Mum packed up my bag and bundled me into the sleep machine. It was very wet and we made our way to school. We went to our usual place opposite Ruby and Summer and were next to Bobby who gets special treatment and we always have to stay away from him.
We did easy stuff although I usually just lie down all the time as I seem to get better treats. At least this time my Mum had finally got me some frankfurters but they were much smaller than everyone else's. I was a bit of a star and got a bit over excited. I wasn't allowed to kiss Reggie as much as usual. Reggie came with his Dad who seemed a bit lost.
Things were all going quite predictably when suddenly we were all given hoola hoops. They were all quite large hoops except for one which was given to me. The idea is to jump through them for fud but it's a bit hard for my Mum to handle the hoola hoops, lead, clicker and fud so we got tangled up a bit. I kept forgetting to get my back legs over the hoola hoop because I was trying to get the fud. I think we need more practice.

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