Wednesday, 11 November 2009


After breakfast we went for our usual walk down the muddy path where I am no longer allowed to escape into the Al Pacas field and across the scary stream. Then it's freedom and off I go doing grown up dog stuff. I thought I was one step ahead as one day we went one way so I started going that way but it turned out we were going another way.
We came to a place where there is a special dog door. My Mum lifts this bit of wood and I go through. I was bounding along huge grass nearly bigger than me and suddenly I spied these horses. I made a beeline for them jumping over the grass as fast as I could and then did one huge jump and oh my God landed in the stream. I was completely submerged and I don't like water panic panic. I made it to the bank and my Mum was there to hike me up. Blimey that was a shock.
Horses followed me everywhere. Later my Mum went hunting at the pub (where Robbie lives) but I was in Sam's sleep machine.
When my Mum got back she was so tired that she forgot to close the bathroom door. I snuck in and found some fun things to chew. Then I thought it was time for my nap but I couldn't get out of the bathroom. Luckily I heard my Mum and I wasn't sure whether to let her know I was stuck or take the wrath for having chewed everything - including my favourite, loo paper. Then I took pity on her because she couldn't find me. Luckily I made the right choice because she was more concerned that I'd been trapped in the bathroom than the damage I'd done - until she realised what I'd chewed. By her reaction I'm not sure if it was something she liked or something that was dangerous. But it clearly wasn't good.

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