Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The great iron dragon

Where was I? Reliving the moment the great iron dragon appeared in front of me and my Mum. Whoosh it came and then it stopped and the doors opened and we stepped a house that had huge doors which shut and then it moved. Fortunately I was in my Mum's jacket as it was all a bit bewildering.
A lot of people looked at me and I found it all a bit scary but also exciting. We stopped at several stations and then we got off and there was a sea of people rushing. We went through the rather scary swishing gates and up some stairs and there was Colette and Chica the cat in a box. Luckily this time I was awake.
We marched on to another even bigger iron dragon, me, Chica, Mum and Colette got on and found a lovely spot. This dragon was much smoother. Chica was allowed out and promptly jumped off the table and onto the floor. I wish I'd been quick enough as I could see lots of crumbs on the floor. When Chica was caught and put back in her box Colette, who likes to eat a lot, got out lots and lots of food and poured herself some wine. She and my Mum had all sorts of fud and I got my usual lunch. The dragon was so smooth that I found myself dropping off.
Then it was off the dragon and we were picked up by Sam who I think was moderately pleased to see me.
Luckily we got home quite quickly as I was dying for a wee.

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