Thursday, 12 November 2009

I am on my own for a long time at night and forced to amuse myself. I think I am quite inventive which is more than my Mum who always leaves me the Telegraph and even more boring, the travel section. I amuse myself for a bit ripping it into shreds, long strips and then smaller little bits but that gets a bit boring. I have a toy box with all sorts of things but I could really do with some new ones.
I've found a small hole in the doors that lead to the garden with some rather chewable wood. I made a small hole into rather a big one which I was quite proud off but that met with much displeasure from the parents. My Mum attempted to repair the hole and taped it up with duct tape.
After a long snooze I found myself full of energy and thought I'd have a go at the duct tape. It was good fun I thought I was winning but then the duct tape hit back and before I knew it, it had attached itself to my paw. I was quite tired by then and went to sleep again.
In the morning my Dad found the duct tape and took me up to my Mum who grabbed at it and ouch it was painful. They tried all sorts of things but the duct tape resisted.
They gave up and we went for our walk in Bishops Park with the duct tape on. I found lots of really interesting smells and some rogue leaves which I attacked and rounded up.
We saw Digger and I met some new dogs who as usual were not that interested in me.
When we got back my Mum had this determined look and she went for the duct tape. It was so quick I didn't catch on and youch she ripped it right off. Didn't really hurt.

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